Blowing in the wind -
cheerful colors and prints.
The quilt top is done, so far so good.

I wish, you could see the fabrics IRL.

It's warm and sunny in Denmark, but I have spent 20 hours
by the sewing machine the past four days.

It has been worth it.
Now I have to choose batting and fabric for the back.



Coffee with my sweet Heart
all in 1½ hour after coming home from work

Soon dinner with good friends


Long time no see.....

 A scrappy-happy-pincushion project.
...not much to say about that.
(......but it's like therapy to me).
 I have bought tree fabric scrap packs here.
It's so fun to mix the tiny bits n bobs.

- and I bought a new crochet book too!
I can't wait to get a better look inside the book tonight.

I have a small pincushion giveaway on my Instagram profile
@metterobl - so drop by if you wanna join it.


Embroidery Workshop

Sometimes you need to spoil yourself -
I did, when I decided to go to one of Karen Marie's embroidery workshops.

I got started on cross stitch as a teenager. Then I did no cross stitch
for several years until getting interested in the inspiring Zakka world.
The possibility of free hand stitching has tempted me a lot.
I just needed to learn something about the different stitches.
That's why I went to this workshop - 7 hours in imbroidery heaven
with a group of talented crafters.

I still have so much to learn, but now I'm learning.
I hope to mix it with my passion for patchwork.

You must visit Stine's blog - she is knit designer and made
the most wonderful feathers on one of her knit projects.



It started with a pile of tiny  fabric scraps -
and suddenly it was a fabric patchwork puzzle.

I'm unable to throw away fabric scraps -
I love scrappy-happy projects.

I want to go through my fabric stash and do a spring clean,
but I'm not sure, that it will be an easy project....
I started my fabric collection, when I started to work back in 78.
I often wish, that I wasn't a person,
 who get too attached to things like fabric and yarn.
Many of my fabrics are held onto for sentimal reasons.

I have already given yarn to a local second hand shop
- it was great!

I want to know, that my treasured fabrics go to good new homes.
Maybe I should make some fabric bundles for sale


wip monday


Scrappy triangle, nine patch, linen and lace -
that's my kind of Monday off.


Working on a coffee cozy for french press.


Quilt - Scrappy Triangles

My second selfish-sewing-week was a success.
Yesterday I finished this Scrappy Triangles Quilt -
and I'm pleased.

When I start a quilt, I usually know,
how I want it to be, but not this time.
I knew for sure, that I wanted to make scrappy triangles,
but I didn't want a quilt full of triangles.

I started out by making the "triangle trees" and then I builded the rest of the quilt with pieces of light colored fabrics.
I choose the wrong side of some of the pieces to get the right expression to the quilt.

The size is app. 110 x 115 cm.